Marja Nebula

Intercourse interlocutor and Tantric tutelage

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Holistic Sexology Bodywork
You are probably asking yourself what is is? Who is it for?
In a session of HSB I work on opening up your core tunnel from mouth to anus, for a better kundalini energy flow so you can experience deeper pleasure, connectedness and staying present in the moment. It is a massage session that includes a throat, abominal, genital, and anal "de-armouring".
Some of you may have heard that de-armouring sessions are extremely painful and scary, but I promise you that I take it very easy and slowly and always in your tempo.
Conversation and advice for self practice is a part of the session.
This is a therapeutic experience.
"Marja has a nice and easy presence that is easy to relax into. She is playful and curious and meets her clients with an open mind. She has a big heart-room and it's easy to trust her and open up around the most vulnerable topic in sex and intimacy." -Ingunn Tennbakk (my teacher)