Marja Nebula

Intercourse interlocutor and Tantric tutelage

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Holistic Sexology Bodywork
You are probably asking yourself what is is? Who is it for? What happens in a session and why?

When medicine is "holistic" it is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

There are a lot of reasons for seeing a bodyworker for problems connected to our sexuality. Most people come to us when they don’t get any answers or the right treatment to their sexual problems from their doctor, sexologist or the internet. Erectile dysfunction, priapism, vaginismus and weakened pelvic muscles are typical physiological conditions. Some people come to us because they experience anxiety, shut down responses, nausea, severe headaches and migraine either during intercourse, when they get sexual attention from- or feel sexual attraction toward another person.
We also get transgenders who have been through genital surgery and wants to see a professional to get genital massage, and get used to the sensation of their new sexual organs before they start having sex. And most commonly we get heterosexual CIS male clients who have problems ejaculating, getting erected or even feeling horney- unless they are with a specific "type" of woman, or watching porn. They come to us when they realize that it is a problem because it is on the brink of ruining their relationship with their partner.

The main mission in sexology bodywork sessions is understanding and healing trauma through reconnecting to the ventral branch of the vagus nerve, deconditioning the mind and dearmoring the body. A sexology bodywork session contains a throat, abdominal, genital and anal dearmoring, which is kind of a deep tissue/triggerpoint massage that losens up tension and energy blockages in the core tunnel, from mouth to anus. Regular clients who take their healing seriously learn different practices to activate the ventral vagus, meditation practices and tantric practices for themselves or to take home to their partners to connect deeper with them.

"Marja has a nice and easy presence that is easy to relax into. She is playful and curious and meets her clients with an open mind. She has a big heart-room and it's easy to trust her and open up around the most vulnerable topic in sex and intimacy." -Ingunn Tennbakk (my teacher)