Marja Nebula

Intercourse interlocutor and Tantric tutelage

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Tantric Nuru Massage

In a session of Tantric nuru massage my goal is to have you surrender to complete relaxation and open up to recieve full body pleasure while I bathe you in aromatic oils, and massage you alternately with my hands and my body.
Feel your life force energy ignite in your root chakra and let it expand throughout your body with organic and rythmic movement, breathing and sound vibrations.

This is a highly erotic experience, but the intention is not to have you orgasm, quite the opposite. It is a practice of enjoying the whole process and keeping the energy flowing without the peak orgasm as a goal or an achievement.
The more you practice recieving pleasure and reaching a state of full body bliss without peaking, the longer you will be able to make love with your intimate partner(s).

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Are you naked during the session?
No, not completely. Let the rest be a surprise. Move your focus from the external to the internal. You can always use your imagination;)
Can I touch you?
You can not touch me intentionally on my sexual organs, bum and my breasts, but if it feels comfortable to lay a hand lightly on my thigh or wherever it falls naturally, that is fine.
The point of the massage is for you to focus on the internal sensation: your creative life force energy expanding and exploding in your whole body and mind.
When you use your energy to feel my body by stroking it, you are moving the the attention to the external sensations (feeling my skin on the palm of your hand). Which is also nice, but not what this pracitce is about.