Marja Nebula

Intercourse interlocutor and Tantric tutelage

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Tantric FemDom

The word Tantra is sanskrit and means loom/warp/weave. Tantric practices are about expansion of energy, and deepening our mind body connection. Domination means to have power, controll or influence over someone.

This is a dominance session out of the ordinary; I am the kind of dominatrix who loves to see you carry yourself with confidence and breathe properly. I don't like to see you humiliated, scared, subjected and suffering just for the heck of it. I only like to see you suffer with the intention to reach the point where pain turns into pleasure. I want you to surrender to the pain and breathe through it like a warrior. I will guide you and give you the sweet relief. I will give you an experience that makes your body shiver of excitement and pride in what you have achieved.

Now you know what I want, but the most important is what you want. It is very important that I know my recievers kinks and boundaries before we start a session. As the dominant, I see myself as responsible for giving what my recievers' desire, not taking or doing what I desire. My desires are far from important when I am on the Dominant end. My task is to make sure my reciever feels respected, loved and taken care of, so that they can fully relax and focus on staying embodied in the experience, no matter what their kinks are.

Tantric Domination can be a challanging, fun and delicious experience, but it can also be a deeply healing and therapeutic experience and a great practice for getting to know and communicating boundaries.