Marja Nebula

The Tantric Dakini

There are alot of things a whore needs to do other than put on lipstick, smile pretty and be sensual. It's not just shopping and washing sex toys and sheets. Sex work is real work, and here are nine things to do as a sex worker on a daily basis:

1. Checking mail, snap, SMS, wickr, discord, What'sApp, KiK, ad inboxes, home pages etc etc etc
2. Respond to inquieries and try not to respond to the 88% that are from morons. Edit text on ads to try to avoid recurring misunderstandings.
3. Look for photographers, plan photoshoots and other creative ways of expressing the self. Take selfies and nudes and send gratitude to our favorite clients (you know who you are;*)
4. Find like-minded colleagues, support each other and fight for our rights while solving world problems
5. Write articles, poems and thoughts
6. Find courses for personal development and to gain professionality in what we offer
7. Meditate, dance and sing to rinse our body and mind
8. Enjoy (Erika Lust) porno and other erotic art to get inspired
9. Read about the sexworkers industry and history, fetishism, anatomy of the genitals, tantra, sexual healing, sexual revolution, feminsim and other topics that are relevant to the work.

And here's what I look like on a regular day at the office- not so different than any other working person at their office or what? I just didn't want or have to put on my pants. <>