Marja Nebula

The Tantric Dakini

You are often thinking about it, you might have tried once or twice but it didn't feel right. The escorts are aggressive and demanding or reserved and uncomfortable, and it makes you feel like you are doing something very wrong. You are confused because the contrast between how they are presenting themselves in their ad is totally opposite to how they communicate when you contact them. So here's some pro tip on how you can think about it, and achieve to meet the escort of your dreams.

A gift to yourself
When you decide to buy sex- let it be a gift to yourself that you can look forward to. Make the appointment in advance, and don't send a message out of impulse because you are really horney in the moment. Find a nice picture (or even better: BREATHE to the rythm of your blood flowing to your genitals) and have yourself a good ol' wank in that case, it is much healthier for you and your wallet. If you contact an escort out of impulse it should be because you need the company of another human being- not neccessarily for sex. Remember they are people too, not sex machines.

Make it easy
These following methods of contact are highly appreciated

Date: You really want to meet an escort, but you're not at all sure what you want, or if you even want sex. Ask them out for a date to talk about things. Present yourself with name, age, location and approx when you'd like the meeting to take place. Ask the escort out on a date, and make some suggestions other than dinner. Climbing? Swimming? Skiing? Ask what the escort would like to experience. Mention that you will pay for the activity and how much you will give the escort (it should be at least 50$). A great suggestion for young people, you who are very nervous or have never bought sex before and want to be sure it will be a great experience for both.

Budget: You don't have much money, but you know how much you can afford to spend. Present yourself with name, age, where you are located and approximately when you want to meeting to take place. Tell the escort your maximum budget, and your primary need (cuddles? ejaculation? massage?) and do not expect that they will let you penetrate them. Most likely you will get a beautiful sexual experience directed by the escort. Be happy and thankful for the experience. This is a great way for you who can't afford much and are not demanding, or just wants it simple and exciting.

Package: You have read the ad to your featured escort thoroughly, you know what they is all about, and you feel an attraction towards this particular person. You want to experience them. Present yourself with name, age, location and approx when you want the meeting to take place. Write your wish in accordance to what the escort have written in their ad, and accept the price that is given. Do not ask for other services than what the escort has written in their ad. Be patient, sweet horney beast: you will probably get to discuss further exploration of your deepest fantasies when you meet them. This is a great way for you who want to know what you are going to get, and want to make way for a pleasant, fun and blossoming relationship to the escort.

Detailed: You love the looks of the escort and you find them a perfect fit to your fantasy, but you can't find what you seek in their presentation of themselves. Present yourself with name, age, location and approximatley when you want the meeting to take place. Write about your fetishes,what positions you like/want to try, clothing/costume, behavior, emotions you want to feel etc etc.. make a moodboard with pictures or send a porno the escort can take inspiration from or to understand exactly what you are looking for. Accept the price that is given for your wish, and be aware that this way is most definitley the most expensive choice. To make the deepest fantasies of a stranger come true is an art that is extremely challanging both mentally and physically, and the willingness to perform this for you should be highly respected and appreciated. A great suggestion for you who have alot of money, and is more concerned about not getting exactly what you want than how the person who gives it to you feels about it.

Don't call if it sais not to call in the ad, and don't ask if you can call either. Send a message. Remember to give yourself a wank if you are horney instead of bying one ;)

And please, see me (Marja Nebula, your Goddess) for a session of Bodywork if you cannot masturbate by yourself.

Much love and kisses from your Goddess truly