Marja Nebula

The Tantric Dakini


I met a colleague yesterday. A male escort of the magical breed. He was wearing a golden suit and had so many questions.
He asked me: when you see the ocean, what do you feel? What do you do? My answer surprised both of us..

«I feel scared, yet attracted to it.. if I make it want to hold me, will it keep me from drowning? I see it's softness but I'm aware of it's weight. I want to tame it, transform it's cold waves to a warm embrace. But who am I to change something so beautifully aggressive? So I undress. I walk slowly, feeling it crawling up my flesh. My breath going deeper by every inch that covers me. I surrender to it's love»

Is that me? Yes, really. It came from my subconciousness, like a slap in the face. And I love it. I love the way I love. But I need to be aware of who I let myself love. I might surrender and drown. I am thankful for this awarness of myself. 🙏🏽

When you are met with a question, always answer. Don’t think, just feel and speak. Whatever comes out will teach you something about your subconcious mind. It will teach you to be honest and open about who you are. Sometimes you won’t like your answers and you wish your answer was something different. By manifesting your subconcious thoughts through communication you get the chance to do exactly that; to change your mind. It will push you to change the things you don’t like about yourself with help from your surroundings.

Next time you’re on a date, ask all the questions that comes to your mind. How does your date react to your questions? How do you react to their reaction? Is it compatible? Do they answer quickly or do they think for a while before answering? Do they ask you questions back or are they waiting for the next? Ask yourself; how would you like your partner to react to a series of random questions, and do you want to be with someone who only answers to you or someone who gets inspired by you and want to get to know you better? Remember not to judge the person for their answers, but use their answer as a tool for further exploration and communication. Dates are first and foremost about getting to know each other, and it’s great to challange each other on the way.