Marja Nebula

The Tantric Dakini

Duality of the self

In my former life I must have been a man
a man who spent all his life unlocking the mysteries of the universe
reading, eating, meditating, drinking, experimenting, sleeping, writing study, study, study
fantasizing about a girl
a girl who would ask me questions only to listen to my answers
a girl who would love me for all the time I spent
trying to figure out the thruth
for all of us
a girl who would not feel the slightest doubt or fear
whenever she was near me
a girl who wasn't afraid to give me all of her
even though I gave all of me
to finding the answers
for all of us
I must have died alone
dreaming about her on my way to death
in this lifetime I must be her
rootlessly wandering alone
guided by the wisdom of my former self
I'm searching for him