Marja Nebula

The Tantric Dakini

Who's that girl?

...And what does she want?

I am Marja Nebula; a Norwegian
Goddess, tantrica, fox, masseus, sexologist, bodyworker and game changer.
This is my 29th year around the sun. I am some kind of an independant sexual/erotic-body-energy worker and visionary.
I have a long history working, managing, cooking, serving and spreading my love around in café, hotel- and restaurants. But the last couple of years I have been following my inner longing to be a part of the sexworkers revolution.

I enjoy the good things that life on this earth and in this body has to offer. I have experienced the benefits of being best friends with- and loving my whole being. I am a hypersensitive bad ass. I have healed. I don't care who you are, where you have been or where you are headed. I am a tool on your healing path. I want to help you make friends with your mind and body, so that you can fully enjoy the good things too.
I study massage therapy wich contains physiology, pathology and anatomy. I am a holistic bodyworker trainee, and I also have a great interest in the art of reiki healing.

My vision is to unite therapists, healers, sex workers and sexologists to create a safe space where people can come to heal from sexual traumas, shame, worries and unwanted or hidden desires in a relaxing, playful, experimental and open-minded environment, as well as creating a safe space for anyone working with sex to learn more about what they can offer.

Read on "services" to see what I can do for you.