Marja Nebula

Intercourse interlocutor and Tantric tutelage

Who's that girl?

...And what does she want?

I am
Marja Nebula;
tantric dominatrix, masseur,
sexology bodyworker and game changer.

A nebula was born
I started selling simple matrix-sex to men when I was 21, one month after my boyfriend at the time took his life, on february 14th, 2012.
In my deepest grief I felt the most intense desire to have sex. But it had to be either with him, who I could only reach deep inside of my heart while invisioning his beautiful smile, or with a complete stranger.
The thought of picking up someone who might have thought I actually liked them or that I wanted to see them again made me feel angry and repulsed.
So I turned to the internet to search for potential men to fuck, and not give a fuck about after.
But as soon as I put myself out there as a young girl who wanted sex without getting to know them first, they started acting like poorly educated "Doms", and treating me like I was already their litle slut and they knew exactly what I wanted.
It all turned around when I started negotiating with money.
Suddenly I was the one in power. They started asking me what I liked and how I wanted it to go about and treated me with respect.
Marja Nebula was born 29th of march 2012.
I found a good strategy on the dating sites, using codes like "looking for generous men" and "not looking for anything serious, but expect you to write to me in a proper and respectful manner".
I said I was 25 because I didn't want them to know exactly how young I was, just in case it was their kink.
I have always had a fascination for older men, but I never liked it when older men had a fascination for me just because I was young..

After my third client, a family member had discovered what I was up to and told the rest of the family. They were shocked, and some of the reactions made me feel slighty ashamed, so I stopped, even though the desire was still there.
I continiued on the matrix path: working, managing, cooking, serving and spreading my love energy around in café, hotels and restaurants for the next five years.

 I am on my 30th round around the sun, and I am some kind of an independant sexual/erotic-body-energy worker-thing. I am a visionary and sometimes an artis. I am whatever I want to be.
Born, raised and based in Norway.

Since 2017 I have been following my inner guidance which lead me on to my healing path, where I gained all the tools I needed to set myself free from the conditions and programming we all get exposed to during life in the matrix.

I am a hypersensitive, empathic badass.
I don't care who you are, where you have been or where you are headed.
I want to help you connect to your inner guidance
by giving you the tools you need to form a more open, honest and playful relationship with your sexual desires and fantasies, which you can and will take with you, and create safe and harmonious relationships with your partner(s), and thus live a more balanced, healthier and fullfilled life.


My sexwork curriculum

2017: I quit my job and started studying and working as a full service sexworker again, with the intention of giving more than recieving. That intention lead me to dominance and sexual healing/tantra as two of my main services.
2018: I dropped out of my studies because I wanted to explore the world of sexwork deeper. I found that sexual healing was a huge demand and the key to healing so many of our social and cultural conflicts.
2018-2019: Studied massage therapy at the "institutt for helhetsmedisin" (institute of holistic medicine) in Oslo
2018-2019: I did a course in holistic sexology bodywork with Ingunn Tennbakk, where I was introduced to trauma release exercises and de-armoring, and discovered the segnificance of learning about the vagus nerve in the context of healing trauma. I continiued to read about the poly vagal theory and educate myself.
2020: CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) courses through Udemy

I have a great interest in tantra and participate in as much tantra events as I can. I have worked independently as a tantric dominatrix and tantra masseur for three years.
I have worked mainly with heterosexual cis men, and by working with them and listening to their stories, fantasies and desires, I have seen and learned:

- how little very many people know about what they want versus what they need

- how much very many men misunderstand women's sexuality and signals

- how incredibly misunderstood men's sexuality is, both by themselves and by women

- connections between childhood trauma and patterns that emerge and continiue to occur in all our relationships and sexual life in adulthood

- how important it is to understand feminine and masculine polarity to create balance in our personal lives and in the world

and so many other things...

I dream about a world where therapists, healers, sex workers and sexologists are equally respected and allowed to unite and create safe spaces where people can come to heal from sexual trauma and shame.

Beyond Nudity
is a community started by my dear brother Mathias Risberg. We are a squad of body&sex positive people and concious sex workers of all kind; inclusive sex educators, intimacy coaches, tantra practitioners and healers, full service providers, models, bodypainters, artists etc, and we are working on making Beyond Nudity an international community where people in the sex industry can find support, inspiration, allies, friendship, safety, play and love. We provde body positive erotic art and we bring our vibes to retreats and events and spread the word about concious kink and sexual health awareness with animal-like sassyness.