Marja Nebula

Intercourse interlocutor and Tantric tutelage

Who's that girl?

...And what does she want?

I am Marja Nebula; a
Goddess, tantrica, FOX, masseus, sexologist, bodyworker and game changer.

This is my 29th year around the sun. I am some kind of an independant sexual/erotic-body-energy worker, visionary and artist. Born, raised and based in Norway. 
I have a long and grey story behind me- working, managing, cooking, serving and spreading my love around in café, hotel- and restaurants. Since 2018 I have been following my inner longing to be a part of the sexworkers revolution.

I enjoy the good things that life on this earth and in this body has to offer, but what is it all worth if I can't share it with everyone who need some pleasure in life?


I am a hypersensitive and empathic badass and I spend most of my time either alone or listening to someone's problems. I don't care who you are, where you have been or where you are headed. I am a tool on your healing path. I want to help you make friends with your mind and body, so that you can fully enjoy the good things too.


"Life force is an intelligent cosmic energy that coverts food matter, oxygen and sunshine into living matter. Life force energy is the real sustainer of life, for when the mind, body and soul are depleted, they can only be recharged by life force energy. Sexual Energy is a Creative Life Force Energy. Each time we are sexually active we generate a lot of life force energy. When we have a normal orgasm- the life force pours out of us into the universe...."

I believe that we can not feel happy or fullfilled, not even content with life when we neglect, shame, deny or think of ourselves as unworthy of our sexual desires. 

I studied massage therapy wich contains physiology, pathology and anatomy. I am a holistic sexology bodyworker trainee, and I also have a great interest in the art of reiki healing.

My vision is to unite therapists, healers, sex workers and sexologists to create a safe space where people can come to heal from sexual traumas, shame, worries and unwanted or hidden desires in a relaxing, playful, experimental and open-minded environment, as well as creating a safe space for anyone working with sex to learn more about what they can offer in the world. 

Beyond Nudity is a community started by my dear brother Mathias Risberg. We are a squad of body&sex positive people and concious sex workers of all kind; inclusive sex educators, intimacy coaches, tantra practitioners and healers, full service providers, models etc, and we are working on making Beyond Nudity an international community where people in the sex industry can find support, inspiration, allies, friendship, safety, play and love. We provde body positive erotic art and we bring our vibes to retreats and events and spread the word about concious kink and sexual health awareness with animal-like sassyness. 

I make nude art photography, porn and Dickpic+Nudes=Art. Follow my ismygirl or onlyfans for uncencored content, live shows and to get contact with me without booking a session. 

XxX Marja Nebula xXx