Marja Nebula

Intercourse interlocutor and Tantric tutelage

How, Yes, Maybe, No

In preperation of our Tantric Dominance session I would like to know some stuff about you.


• What are you seeking to experience? Is it primarily pain and pleasure, or emotions; Humiliation? Bratty? Degration? Erotic tease? Provocation? Other?

• Do you have a nickname you would like me to use? If not, that’s totally fine.


what turns you on? Put all the fetishes, toys and activities you enjoy/want to try during the session. It doesn't mean I'll do them all, it is more of an ingredient list to choose from.

Cock cage - Flogger - Riding Crop whip - Waxing - Wartenberg wheel - Rope bondage - Gag-ball - Butt plug - Strap-on - Cross dressing - Hand spanking - Face slaps - Spitting - Wet


The activities you are unsure, curious and tempted- but a bit scared of goes in the maybe list. I will let you know more about how I will perform the things in your maybe list before you consent.


What turns you off, your boundaries and limits.

For example: marks that last a few days, particular role plays that triggers you in a negative way, places on your body that you don’t want me to touch? I'll stay clear of these..

Not everyone knows their own boundaries before they have been crossed, but it’s important to communicate when this happens. To make it easier I will give you some code words to use.

When I do things that triggers the sensation of pain, I will ask you to give me a number from 1-9:
❤ 1-7
means that you are doing fine/like it alot
❤ 8 means you have reached your (pain) treshold, but you want to continiue a bit longer.
❤ 9 means that it is above your (pain) treshold and you want me to go on to the next thing.
🙃 Yellow means: I want to say something regarding the session.
💔 Red
means: I don't want to continiue the session, let's stop it here.